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Thunderbirds 2009

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After spending two days baking in the sun at The Mitty, I wasn't 100% sure that going to see the Thunderbirds in Warner Robins was the best idea ever.

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After dinner on Saturday w/ Terry and the family, it was raining. Pouring, actually. Woke up to gray skies and low ceiling, but no rain. Checked the weather sites, all indications were that it would improve as the day went on, but the storms would make a return late afternoon. We make it to the base, park our stuff, and defend our little squat from any jerks who want to move our stuff. Yes, that's happened before. We meet a lady next to us, who agrees to defend our spot, and who has no interest in walking around.

The static display was pretty cool, first time they had ladders available to look down into the cockpit. Man, those were some old skool jets, 20 year old front line technology. UAV is bigger than you imagine, WWII bombers are always smaller than you imagine, and C-5 is astounding as always.

We get back to our spot in time for the festivities start, and the ceiling is still 2000 ft. They do some streamer drops, and the jump team decides to go, even though it's just drop and pop. Practice run for them anyway, as well as the Air Force Reserve biplane. Lunch arrives, and we wander off to get a bite. Get back and some dude had wedged himself into the lane that was serving as access to everyone in front of us. He parks right in my line of sight, and I ask, as nicely as possible, for him to move back out of my LOS. "You're not going to stand?" he asks. "No, that's why I was here setting up my chair 3.5 hours before you put your chair here." I think that put him off a bit, so he pushed his chair back a bit. Still managed to get in the way half of the time the remainder of the show, but not worth saying anything more about.

Ceiling improved greatly, the drop team was able to use their usual 12.5k drop altitude, and put on a great show. They brought all sorts of stuff out to fly/test (they do depot service on a lot), including the C-5. That thing is ridiculous, it's like watching an office building move. Empty ones climb like mad and don't need much runway. F/A-18, F-15E did some demonstrations. Thunderbirds were off to a slow start, but still an impressive show. I think the Angels do a better job, but hey, it's a great way to spend a day.

We ride back to the car and hit the road, and 10 minutes later, the skies opened up. A lousy drive home, but glad it waited till after the show.

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