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2010 Autocross Season

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Well, it took the better part of 5 months to go from this:


to  this:



First event of the season, always fun to see how much you've forgotten since the end of the previous season. It was a little longer for me than usual, since I missed the last few events for some odd reason. Oh yeah, the car drowned.

So, looking at the registrations, I knew to expect a new Miata and a Factory Five Cobra. I manage to find them in paddock, the Miata is a newly acquired car with nothing besides gutting the interior done. Stock powertrain, tired Azenis, and a stupid suspension kit from hell. Owner last ran a Mazda 3 a few years ago in a few autox. Not a concern. Factory Five is not just running on huge slicks, but I now understand why it is not in XP. It has been turborcharged, in a very big way. This could be a problem. I am running on brand new Azenis that have not been scrubbed in. Going to be slick out there, with mold release agent still on the tires.

First run, I throw down a 73.1xx w/ 275 # of dead weight on board. Miata is in the 80's. The really slow, also in the 80's. Second run, much smaller dead weight on board, maybe 110 #, and I shave it down to 70.353. Miata, still in high 70's. Cobra shaves a few seconds, but still way behind. Third run, I'm feeling generous, and take the brother of the other Miata, since they took the passenger seat out of the car. Spin big, but miss cones. Cobra getting closer. Miata, not shaving time. Old Azenis are not cutting, he says. Final run, I take the other Miata owner's girlfriend, I didn't think I was at risk of losing, but the Cobra driver found a second and a half and managed to squeak past me by 0.177. So I beat the other Miata with a better prepared car and maybe some experience/skills, and was beaten by the Cobra, but maybe I could have taken him if I had a few runs without passengers.

The only thing I would have like to have done is beaten my buddy Todd in the Formula Vee. He managed to beat me by about 3 tenths, but hey, he's got a real race car. The only reason I'm even this close is that his tires are totally gone. Even the tire prep stuff isn't working now. He'll walk me by 5 seconds, or more, when he gets new rubber on there.
More photos here:
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